Anesthesia Delivery Systems

One method of administering anesthesia to surgical patients on the operating table is via a vapor delivery system. In this method the anesthesia is poured into a vaporizer as a liquid
and medical grade oxygen piped to the vaporizer as well. A heater turns the liquid anesthesia to a vapor so that it can be integrated into the patient’s breathing mixture. The purpose of the vaporizer is to deliver the exact mix of oxygen and anesthesia, as called for by the anesthesiologist in the operating room. This is critical application involving human life.

The Validyne P398 OEM pressure transducer is used in one such vaporizer in the sub-system that controls the mix of anesthetic vapor and oxygen to the patient by sensing the difference in flow rate between the two gases. When there are correct amounts of vapor and oxygen in the mix, the difference in the pressure drop due to their respective flows is zero as reported by the P398 pressure transducer. The sensitivity of the P398 pressure transducer to low pressures and its high reliability are the main features that have made this product successful in this challenging application. The P398 pressure transducer is used specifically in vapor anesthesia systems.

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